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B&C Electronic Engineering - About Us

B&C Electronic Engineering, Inc. is a leading engineering form that has found great success in the car wash, pet wash, veterinary, and laundromat industries (among others). Our talented group prototypes, designs, assembles and repairs all our products in the United States. Our team of engineers, assemblers and electronic technicians work together to make sure all of our products are designed correctly and will be reliable for years to come. We proudly house all development and testing equipment such as a Tyco pick and place machine, wave solder machine and infrared oven at our facility in Denver Colorado, where we employ a strong American workforce that sells to the world.

As leaders in electronic timing devices for car wash, pet wash, laundromat, we also offer custom engineering solutions where circuit boards, software and firmware are needed. We are a strong boutique Engineering Firm that caters to our customer’s needs.

Founded in 1984, B&C Electronic Engineering, Inc. continues with the principal that everything we design, assemble and manufacture is made in the USA and undergoes strict quality control for maximum accuracy and longevity.

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