37 Years of B&C Electronic Engineering – The American Dream Since 1984

B&C Electronic Engineering Founders

When you look up the word success on Dictionary.com, you’ll find the following definition:


“the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.”

There is nothing more fitting to the American Dream than the word success. Since its inception in 1984, B&C Electronic Engineering has not only been a prime example of the American Dream, but has helped thousands of car wash sites achieve success in their own right.

Founded by three enthusiastic friends Carl Johnson, Juan Gutierrez, and Bill Foust, B&C Electronic Engineering was born in 1984 in Denver, CO. With Juan and Carl working full time as fire fighters, they would moonlight in their off times to develop and produce electronic solutions for companies such as AT&T. There were a lot of late nights, early mornings and business meetings discussing how to build B&C in the early stages. Together, they knew that electrical engineering would be at the heart of their growth. During this time Carl took on the task of studying for, and achieving his degree as EE Electronic/Electrical Engineer – no small task on its own let alone while working two jobs.

As pioneers in the self-serve and automatic carwash industry supporting companies like Coleman Hanna, National Carwash Solutions, Istobal and many others, B&C drove innovation that is still copied to this day. Examples include the Timemaster timers for National Carwash Solutions and the Entry Wizard produced for Coleman Hanna.


Known for being a boutique engineering solutions company, B&C products are still manufactured in Denver Colorado, and undergo vigorous quality control from start to finish. According to current EVP | GM Craig Stevenson, “The new ownership group purchased the company in 2018 and agreed unanimously to keep engineering and production here in the USA. We are extremely proud of this and equally as proud of making it through the challenging times of COVID-19 this past year. We were able to withstand many challenges and keep our customers up and running.”

In the modern era, B&C Electronic Engineering is back on the innovation path with projects such as the TM5-CU™ self-serve car wash timer that counts up to improve the customer experience and improve revenue per wash. This along with new innovations such as the SST™ non-display timer for stand-alone vacuums and forthcoming control modules is again solidifying B&C as an innovation leader.

“Due to increased demand for B&C products, our team continues to grow as we have recently added two Electrical Engineers as well as other manufacturing and marketing staff,” notes Stevenson. “We are a progressive engineering and manufacturing technology company that stands proud to employ hard-working Americans and deliver technology that is truly ‘Made in America’. We’re proud of the qualities the founders instilled, while also being excited to provide continued growth through innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.”

According to former Owner and Founding Member Juan Gutierrez, “I’m extremely excited and optimistic to see the path the new ownership group is charting. From my stand point, it’s stable, scalable, keeps the customer at the forefront and ‘American Made’ as the platform of stability. This is truly the American Dream”.